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Justin Z.
Justin Z.
23. December, 2021.
Link Management at its highest Very glad that I bought the LTD. Advanced marketing features are what make Joturl stand out from competitors. ☺You get multiple services, not just a link shortener. Advanced features like UTM tracking, CTA buttons, retargeting and deep linking will bring your marketing to the next level. ☹Because there are so many features, it is overwhelming using it for the first time. Showing available options in multiple sections would be nice and it will not scare away beginners. Optimizing codes to speed up load time will be a plus.
Jean Bertin C.
Jean Bertin C.
11. September, 2021.
I dropped two services for THIS ☺I had been using both Rebrandly and RocketLink for a while now, but as of late, JotURL is my go-to tool. I’ve been using this tool for over 2 years and the support team is always available. They are helpful and reliable.. This software has a powerful tool to easily manage URLs, with an easy-to-use interface that’s clean and simple. Thanks to this, you can now complete campaigns much more quickly – just a few clicks! With a retargeting pixel, we can easily monitor our conversions and coerce users to take the desired action. JotURL is a new web marketing solution that helps us increase our clients’ website conversion rates by optimizing the customer’s time spent on the site with simple integrated tools. Additionally, this tool is a great way to personalize calls-to-action on our landing pages. This really helps with conversion rates and making potential customers for our clients. ☹JotURL’s Knowledge Base is not extensive and unfortunately their SSL installation is cumbersome. It would be great if they had the ability to add SSL certificates inside of their dashboard so it’s easier to use. I will wait for JotURL to fix this before I resume using JotURL.
Devin S.
Devin S.
31. December, 2020.
Great stuff Great tool, great team. ☺JotUrl is an amazing tool for effective, accurate and reliable link and conversion tracking! We love using it for attribution and tracking ROI. ☹Nothing to complain about yet! Will let you know if i find something 🙂
Jesus P.
Jesus P.
18. October, 2020.
Link Tracking Heaven I was previously using EasyRedirectScript but they’ve stopped supporting the product. I saw JotURL on AppSumo and picked up a copy and moved all my links over during an open weekend. After moving it over, I’m now suddenly starting to see commissions appear again so I’m quite happy I made the jump. They can shorten URLs, track conversions and retarget anyone that clicks a link which is an incredible featureset. ☺I love this software for tracking links and conversions easily using my custom domain. It also lets me create retargeting audiences while I’m sending out links. ☹Overwhelming startup experience. There are many options and if you’re not an existing online marketer, it can feel overwhelming. If you’re already familiar with tracking conversions, it’s a breeze to use.
Andrew R.
Andrew R.
27. August, 2020.
Does what it says on the tin ….. and so much more! JOTURL was initially purchased for simple link shortening but has Calls to Action, Conversion Tracking, Remarketing, Smart Balancing, A/B Split Testing, Smart Redirection, URL Masking, Link Previews, QR Codes and so much more. ☺Centralization of so many different functions – it’s a complete toolbox of utilities that goes way beyond simple link shortening. ☹Can appear quite daunting upon first launch!
Marilyn D.
Marilyn D.
15. August, 2020.
JotURL Keeps Getting Better JotURL is easy to use and does what it says on the tin. One of my favourite features is the QR code creator, which has solved the problem of being at an event and having to print out offers or have attendees copy links. ☺I purchased JotURL over a year ago. My question is: What can’t it do? There are so many great features, and best of all, the development team has continued to update and improve the product. ☹No cons. Just that there is so much it can do, it takes a little time to get your head around that and fully appreciate what you’ve got, which isn’t a bad problem to have!
Jockie T.
Jockie T.
31. December, 2019.
URL Shortener with a lot of PowerUps It helps me to solve many digital marketing problems under one roof. ☺There are too many to mention. But I really love the custom actions that you can add to each URL. I also love the deep linking and Instagram page. ☹The feature-pack features can be overwhelming for ordinary users. Most of these users will never use all the features.
Fraser N.
Fraser N.
19. December, 2019.
Great link management tool Makes it easy to use for tracking affiliate links in particular and but also has handy features for privacy such as hiding the destination URL or setting expiry dates. ☺It is very easy to use and works well. It is also very easy to add a whole host of advanced link features to each tracking link such as pop ups and expiration dates. ☹I honestly have nothing bad to say so far. It was a little tricky setting up the custom URL feature via namecheap but the help desk was good.
Andrew Y.
Andrew Y.
12. December, 2019.
Joturl is great tool for outbound sales process ☺Easy to use, great support, price is good, many different options and great motivational email campaigns ☹Not sure yet. It’s quite perfect for me.
Jorge Edel A.
Jorge Edel A.
12. December, 2019.
Changed my marketing since I use it I use it every day to shorten my affiliate links. ☺Joturl has a lot more tools than other link shorteners. It gives me the option to shorten, follow, create QR codes, pixel, cta and much more. ☹Site is a bit slow and analytics dashboard needs a big improvement.

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We've Removed the 3 Biggest Hurdles
You've Faced in Creating Your Marketing Campaigns

1. Build your Brand

2. Track your leads

3. Convert More Business

Joturl is the All-In-One Link Management Solution

Everything you need to Brand, Track, and Grow your business in one easy-to-use platform.

Increase Traffic

Increase brand recognition across all channels to create a memorable (and profitable) customer journey—without having to rely on third-party tools.


Optimize your marketing spend with a user-friendly dashboard that pulls insights from all your campaigns across the web. Tweak, adjust, and plan with confidence


Scale your business with a suite of tools designed to lower your cost per sale, increase average order value, and generate happy customers who can’t stop talking about you.

JotURL is the first tool ever to include in one suite multiple digital marketing tools like branded links, CTAs, retargeting pixels, conversion tracking, deep linking, stunning micro-landing pages and more!
One easy to use software platform
for professional and effective branding, to track and boost conversions of your campaigns.

1) Make an impression with personally branded links

Create a better user experience with customized links that drive higher
conversion rates.

Up to +65%

2) Drive more traffic with unique Branded QR Codes

Generate custom designed QR Codes to capture more users on-the-go.
Print once, use forever

3) Turn lost visitors into delighted customers with retargeting

Show personalized ads to your most engaged users on Facebook, Google,
LinkedIn, and more — so you never lose another sale.

Up to +95% conversion rate

Save Time, Money and Scale Your Business:

  • Save €300 to €1000 compared to other app bundling
  • Save hours of tracking setup & collect all your data in one dashboard
  • No time wasting by switching from one app to another
  • Avoid technology overwhelm with this easy to use online tool

Here's how it works:

1. Create Your First Tracking Link

Simply paste the URL within the Joturl dashboard or use the easy one-click Chrome Extension, when you create a new tracking link

2. Choose an Alias

Use an automatic alias or customize it. You can also setup in few clicks your branded domain (to create links like your.brand/youralias)

3. Add Marketing Features to Your Link

Just select one (or more) JotURL’s features from the dashboard, quickly and easily. Add a remarketing pixel, a CTA, UTM parameters or a deep link (to Facebook, IG, Amazon… or your own app).

4. Share your link

One click and your link is ready to be shared and to track your traffic, increase your conversion rates and brand your project online.


Brand Yourself Better

By creating a branded link you will create a better user experience with customized links that drive higher conversion rates.
Enhance link trust
Boost click-through rates
Get more shares

Make More Sales

Everyone knows that retargeting and conversion tracking is crucial to generate an income online. ​
Wherever you share your links, the retargeting pixels on your link and the other JotURL features will help you to boost conversion rates and to increase potential customers for your business.

Optimize Your Social Media

Optimize your social media bios with one link to all your content.
Get the best out of your “link in bio” with high-converting landing pages that promote your most valuable offers and content.

More Power Features include:

Create Branded Shortlinks with Retargeting Pixels

Grow mobile results with a robust Deep Linking platform

Track your conversions and commissions easily

Create social bios and mobile landing pages

Generate Branded Dynamic QR Codes

Manage custom SSL certificates

Integrate with the most popular third party tools

Automate with our corporate level API

… and +20 other features included

JotURL will save you $1000's!

No need to buy MULTIPLE tools, JotURL is the all-in-one marketing suite!

Whether you need deep linking, monitoring, calls-to-action, conversion tracking, retargeting, UTM building, or micro-landing pages, JotURL does it all.

With JotURL you...

shorten your links, save them, add
the marketing features and share
them online. That's it! Nothing more is needed.

But that’s not all… 🙂

But that’s not all… 🙂


Get a Digital Marketing Course for FREE - €297 VALUE

This course will help you understand how you can leverage JotURL in your marketing campaigns to

- show personalized ads to your most engaged users on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and more — so you never lose another sale.

- Generate more traffic, leads, and buyers with personalized calls-to-action on your shared links.

- Get more out of your “link in bio” with high-converting micro-landing pages that promote your most valuable offers and content.

- Turn WhatsApp into a powerful marketing channel. Start conversations and chat directly with users.




Get a Marketing eBook “Marketing Analytics: The Ultimate Practical Guide to Analyze, Understand and Scale up Any Business Through Marketing Links” for FREE - €37 VALUE

Your complete guide to leverage marketing analytics and succeed online with your business. Featuring branded links, tracking links for off-site tracking, guides for Instagram, LinkedIn, Leads acquisition and Mailchimp, UTM Parameters, Retargeting, Deep Links, QR codes for your offline campaigns and Affiliate Marketing. Plus dozens of practical applications and case studies!

The JotURL team will guide you in this journey to unlock the full potential of your digital marketing with their +15 years of experience in the industry, managing more than 50 million links a year.

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Branded links50010002.000
Projects (campaigns)1020UNLIMITED
Analytics data storage1 MONTH3 MONTHS1 YEAR
Users (with permissions)123
Custom tracking links
Custom branded QR code templates2510
Custom domains123
Retargeting pixels (12 networks + custom pixels)125
Affiliate marketing tools (link masking, 301 redirect, commission tracking, ...)
Split A/B testing, Link rotators, Smart redirects (OS, country, device…)
Password protected links
SSL certificates management123
Customize link previews (Open Graph tags)
UTM & Custom Parameters Builder, UTM viewer
Micro-landing pages + Link in Bio on IG, TikTok…
Track conversions, revenues and commissions
Deep Linking to Facebook, IG, TikTok, Amazon and +20 other apps
Remove JotUrl branding on CTAs
WhatsUrl: start a WA chat from a link, with custom messages and emojis
Standard Email Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Events are anything that needs a metric to be recorded. For instance, in case of a branded link with a retargeting pixel, events/month represent the maximum number of clicks you can track each month. Please find more details here

Data can be exported to multiple file types, including PDF, CSV, XML, and more.

We’ve got you covered. Head over to our Tutorials and learn all about the basics of how to brand, track, and grow your business.

Absolutely! Connect your own custom domains to your JotURL account, and use second-level domains or subdo mains to create your tracking links.

In JotURL, brands give you the ability to manage multiple brand identities, all from a single dashboard.

Of course. JotURL gives you customizable CTA templates for buttons, forms, social opt-ins, texts, and more. Starting with the Pro plan, you can also use custom CSS to design your own themes.

Yes. JotURL’s Calls to Action are optimized for all devices – so your visitors will see them no matter where they are.

Typically, JotURL’s CTAs generate conversion rates between 5% and 35%. You can get a significant conversion lift by using optimization tools included with your plan, like retargeting and split testing.

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